Using Kitious VR solutions, you can enhance the deployment of new retail concepts.

As a store owner, you can provide your customers with an incredible shopping experience that is highly immersive and emotional and will definitely add to your sales.

VR has the potential to transform retail by offering shoppers a chance to try apparel without really wearing them.

If a customer needs to customize their product, they can get it done with ease without actually physically appearing for it. Soon companies like Walmart and Accenture are planning to invest in VR for retail, indicating the potential of this field.

Virtual Showrooms/ Digital Entertainment and Collaboration zone

Retail businesses are looking for better ways to engage customers and establish their brands. Kitious’s VR technology helps retailers turn their stores into an amazing shopping experience. With the immersive and cross-platform experience, retailers can make customers easily shop for the things they want without wandering around. The virtual showrooms and virtual product experience help customers get real-life like experiences and make purchasing more efficient.

Retail and ecommerce chains enjoy a better collaboration between the organizers, maintenance team, and workers of the store to organize processes and inventory and render better customer service via VR.