Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery

Kitious offers a range of highly realistic and affordable simulators for heavy machinery virtual reality training.

The simulators are designed at different levels, keeping the operational tasks of the employees in mind.

The entry-level simulators are designed to explore simulation for the first time for small machinery.

The advanced simulators train experienced operators for enhanced productivity and safety practices.

Process Training

Heavy machinery industries employ simulators, headsets, and VR to mimic real-world conditions and handle the working, setup, and everything from cranes to forklifts. It helps the workers process train on how to use the machines and manage them in real-world environments without any disastrous impact. Having process training in a controlled environment offers safer conditions and ensures all machinery on the site is being used to its full capacity. It trains the workers to physically move and operate the machinery and feel the precise resistance and movement while doing so.

Safety Training

Operating bulky equipment demands 100% safety of the worker. Using heavy machinery simulators can help workers master the machinery before stepping on the job site. It offers a smooth transition to the work location, keeping them prepared for all the hazardous situations that they may come across. It teaches them how to combat the challenges of working with heavy machinery and eliminate any risks involved while working onsite.

HMI Simulations

Accurate Human-Machine Interface is required to shape heavy machine perception and optimize machinery usage. HMI simulation enhances the interaction level between the machine and the user. Using an HML simulation helps engineers test machinery safely, faster, and repeatedly in the most accurate test environment.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Kitious offers highly realistic VR solutions to allow your customers to check out the machinery virtually. They can virtually use the machinery, check out their specification, combat the challenges they may come across in real-life, and make customizations using VR. A walkthrough of your pieces of machinery will provide your customers an insight into the functionality of the machines, their pros and cons, and a lot more.

Process Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Virtual Reality doesn’t just enhance heavy machinery training, but it also helps companies face the difficult task of process monitoring and troubleshooting when needed. With efficient VR training programs, you can screen your employees and analyze the working of the machinery. It allows the engineers to systematically monitor machinery’s overall working and ensure it doesn’t deviate from its functionality.

If any malfunction is noticed or an unusual operation is witnessed, it offers instant troubleshooting. As an engineer, you can use a VR simulator to troubleshoot the issues you’re facing and resolve them. Kitious VR simulation services ensure you get the best services to troubleshoot your machinery issues and resolve them in the shortest possible time.