VR is a whole new concept in the education world. It is a groundbreaking technology crafted to raise engagement and boost knowledge retention for kids of all ages. Early education involves learning via experience. And young students can benefit from using an immersive 360-degree environment designed to help them explore the real world and build a solid foundation. VR offers lots more potential to give life to your curriculum using virtual and augmented reality resources. Overall it has a remarkable impact on your learning.
Kitious offers the best immersive VR experience to keep the students engaged and motivated to enhance their school careers. It helps them unlock their potential by exploring new things and creating pathways. Universities and academics have always been up for adopting new technologies, and VR and AR technologies are at the frontier, and the change is real

Experiments / Training / Collaborative Classrooms

Post the pandemic; learning gaps have broadened. Students are not able to learn properly. This is where we enter. We offer simulation apps to learn, experiment, and train for your curriculum and support classroom learning, without even leaving your desk.

Our simulation apps help collaborate and provide innovative designs and interactive modules to better your learning experience with 3D graphics and animations. VR delivers an optimum learning experience to learners in their own comfort zone. We pride ourselves in educating students in the best possible immersive manner to help them train and experiment that may not be really possible in real life. Conducting chemical experiments in an immersive, realistic environment is simpler, more affordable, and more convenient.

Experiments/ Book to AR Knowledgebase

VR helps institutes look for interactive e-learning solutions to help students train and experiment in AR/VR. Kitious delivers VR solutions according to the training and learning objectives of the institutions. Whether Aeronautics, Engineering, Medical, or Accountancy, we offer AR/VR content in video, audio, and book form to help students learn things better. Students can conduct experiments virtually using a VR lap with suitable hardware. They can assimilate new information and test their skills from time to time.