AR/ VR in the aviation sector paves the way for innovation and provides better customization opportunities, higher luxuries, comfort, enhanced durability, and a slashed cost. Virtual reality training offers airlines and handles a secure environment to learn and enhance their skills. It allows training in different conditions on all aircraft types to prepare them for everything. Whether you are a pilot, cabin crew member, or maintenance team member, learning everything related to your field becomes simpler with VR in a completely immersive environment.
Kitious, an AR VR service provider, delivers top-notch solutions for the aviation industry. Each of the solutions is dedicated to different purposes.

Flight simulator

A flight simulator gives you a unique experience of flying around during your pilot training to experience real-world situations in a 3D simulator. Experience all the real-world challenges, technicalities, and duties of being a pilot under different environmental conditions. Training in a highly realistic environment will reduce your training cost and time.

Technical Training

Flight training is not just about flying a plane; it involves a lot of other technical training. Using VR technology, the airlines offer technical training to their aviation team and enhance their abilities. It helps the maintenance engineers get familiar with a plane’s technical aspects in a virtual and realistic environment. They can test their skills in different conditions, focus on their mistakes and learn from them.

Walk-around inspection

Virtual training offers airlines and workers an environment to learn and boost their aircraft inspection abilities. VR walk-around inspection enables training on different aircraft conditions of plane inspection to avoid all chances of failure in real-life operation. It helps technical learn to inspect different aircraft parts and even repair them in an immersive environment. The VR module allows training for pre-arrival, post-arrival, post-departure, and pre-departure inspection in a simple walk-around manner without leaving your desk.

Remote Assistance

Our hands-free VR solutions are used in remote assistance. They offer real-time pictures and videos from their remote workforce and enhance efficiency. Using VR, teams can learn complex mechanisms through remote assistance with complete safety. It ensures better aircraft service and maintenance with lesser risks to the onboard teams.