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Being a hub of Multi Domains i.e. AR(Augmented Reality), VR(Virtual Reality), and MR(Mixed Reality) Kitious (incubated with CITIC Group) provides a world of possibilities where technology meets imagination. By following our extensive expertise and with the help of 48+ in-house experts, we deliver customized solutions for our customers in creating digital transformation journeys. To be among the world’s leading client-focused AR, Virtual Reality, and MR companies, we design and develop innovative, creative, and interactive solutions for businesses in the industrial and educational sectors.
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XR-created personalised automobile experiences will help users sift into a world of surprises.

Miltary & Defence

On-field digital experiences, when combined with aggressive training processes create better equipped army.


Use visual and auditory data to create immersive production experiences to create new visions every day.


Enchant the audience with experiences that align with individual needs, magically.

Oil & Energy

In a highly risky environment, XR Provides and ideal tool to enable teams to train and make the right decisions to fuel growth and productivity for your organization.

Architecture & Planning

Create digital designs that use AR & VR to create unique results for your Civil projects and clients respectively.


Elevate the mind to fly high as XR-based trainings empower pilots and technical staff the capacity to perform with 10X productivity.


Sell faster along with fostering stronger brand experiences in the customers’ minds.


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Military /




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"Thanks for the efforts by your team in deploying the safety audit application. We as a team register our sincere thanks to you and your team. This application has benefitted us a lot in reducing our turnaround times for safety assessment all over India. Good luck to your team to deliver more such innovations."

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Aatral, even though were new, when we approached them, they had a good team and were able to deliver the project within the timeline and provide a committed support after deployment"

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"We connected with AATRAL team to see how VR can be used in Visualisation and it proved to be an effective tool for recreating an entire Tank farm to scale for virtual walkthroughs and enables us to give experiences for our clients for remote locations."

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Greetings from nRoot fraternity. At the outset, let me place on record that your contribution to Make in India efforts of nRoot, even during Covid-19 pandemic is praiseworthy. I wish to convey my sincere appreciation to the members of Team Aatral in terms for their contribution in terms of redesigning and upgrading the indoor VR simulator software"

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"Aatral's virtual reality training solutions for our assembly line operations has brought a lot of value to us in terms of training engagement in employees. Throughout the execution of the project, standards and quality adhering to Toyota standards has been maintained. The deployment was successful with expected quality delivered."

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Case Studies

Crane Simulator

EOT crane, also known as an Electric Overhead Traveling crane, is the most common type of overhead crane used in many factories, warehouses, material yards, etc.

Kitious’s VR training deployment in a leading automobile Industry

Kitious has deployed a VR training solution in one of the leading automobile industries in the manufacturing plant.

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