Architecture & Planning

Architecture & Planning

VR technology has a lot of potential for architects. From first design mockup to project collaboration and last touches, VR possesses the ability to sell an idea better than any other mode. Using Kitious’s 3D immersive VR technology, architects can touch clients emotionally and present ideas amazingly.

Planning and designing a model in a life-like simulation makes it simpler to discuss things and comprehend them. Using innovative planning measures helps architects to add more value to clients.

It allows them to optimize their presentations and workflow and cuts down the time on feedback.

Walkthrough / Collaborative Design Planning

VR/AR and ML help architects design intuitive design environments and spatially aware construction steps. Setting up a 360-degree walkthrough helps architects showcase their projects to their clients in an exciting way. It satisfies the clients completely and helps them acquire feedback immediately and make changes accordingly. Kitious offers collaborative design planning with its immersive VR technology. Architects and designers can collaboratively share their ideas and design environments together. With ideas exchanged in real-time, things get simpler and more convenient.


An architecture VR experience can amaze your client. It works as an incredible marketing technique for architects as they get the means to present their projects in client meetings and help them understand the designs, and get emotionally involved with the project. It makes the customers believe in the project right from day one! It is a way to experience your architect’s work more realistically. It helps increase trust in the architect and their project. The virtual showrooms, virtual product experience, and inside details increase the chances of a sale.