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Learning with an industry leader

Learning with an industry leader

Learning with an industry leader

Learning with an industry leader

Learning with an industry leader


Geniuses aren’t made overnight! Guiding the minds of the youth who will become the leaders of tomorrow is a big responsibility. Hence, it would help if you had a worthy guide for the upskilling you desire. Coordinating with prestigious mentors, Kitious offers quality learning capability and the chance to learn from experts with years of knowledge and experience. Our mentors handhold the students and support them learn, developing and implementing VR, AR and XR technologies in the educational and industrial sectors.

The current demand for jobs in the field of AR and VR is 1400%, and it is rising by 280% every year. To avail of these opportunities, we at Kitious bring you our internship program. Unlike blockchain and AI, there are not many courses for AR and VR by colleges.

Hence, AR, VR internships and training are a big challenge to cover. Most colleges don’t have XR labs, infrastructure, or experienced faculty to train students.

Our internship programs aim to enhance the students’ technical and non-technical skills with a touch of theoretical knowledge, sharpened with practical expertise to help them turn every idea into an innovative XR product that delivers incredible ROI.

Certified Programs

Upskill your knowledge in high-demand courses of the era through our full-fledged certified programs.

Industry Standard Projects

Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge to work on different concepts and achieve hands-on experience.

Industry Mentorship

Learn, practice, and become a professional by learning from the best mentors in the industry.

Application-based Learning

Know your program with application-based knowledge and use the theoretical concepts in real-life practices.


Bootcamp for
Artificial Intelligence (4 weeks)

Bootcamp for
VR Game Development (4 weeks)
Bootcamp On
VR Game Design (4 weeks)
Bootcamp On
Data Science (4 weeks)
Mastering in
Machine Learning (4 week)
Get started
with UX/UI (4 weeks)


Internship programs at your comfort: Internship through a reliable platform doesn’t keep you place or premise bound. Anyone can take the program from anywhere. You need internet, a device and a VR headset, and you are ready for the internship.

Unlimited access to top quality content: Acquire easy access to the industry-standard AR and VR content. An enthusiastic candidate can easily learn in their customized learning structure with industry-focused internships for everyone. The training modules involve a self-driven structure that anyone can learn easily.

Programs accredited by corporates: The internship programs maintain high academic quality through accreditation. The internship programs are certified and developed with the corporate house’s concerned departments

Interactions with top minds of the world: Internship is all about constructively learning things with problem-solving abilities in real-time. It is all about brain gain. Our unique platform allows everyone to share and acquire knowledge.

Affordable pricing: Internship programs are highly affordable. So, money never obstructs students from pursuing an internship.

Skill development tools: Our AR VR internship programs offer immersive education. With our program, applicants get an opportunity to acknowledge human abilities. Our broad range of training modules helps every employee and student upgrade and upskill regularly.

Kitious aims to wipe out all technological barriers and offer the best internship program to increase learners’ knowledge.