Kitious’s VR training deployment in a leading automobile Industry

Kitious has deployed a VR training solution in one of the leading automobile industries in the manufacturing plant. The client had approached Kitious for a possible solution for providing training to its employees for a critical loop in an engine assembly consisting of 8 different steps. The manufacturing plant for this assembly was yet to be setup and they wanted to train the employees beforehand to reduce the training time.

Kitious proposed a VR training module consisting of an environment and the manufacturing parts replicating the actual assembly line. The module was to be deployed in two modes of training – Instructional and Assessment. Instructional mode is a learning module in which the user is provided with visual and audio cues to guide him with the steps for the assembly. Assessment mode is an evaluation module in which the knowledge of the user is evaluated without providing any audio or visual cues. At the end of the training, a detailed report of the steps executed, the steps failed, and the time taken for each step in recorded in a report.

The training was highly successful in the industry and the evaluation from the VR training report is now added as a standard to decide if the employee can enter the actual assembly line.