Crane Simulator

EOT crane, also known as an Electric Overhead Traveling crane, is the most common type of overhead crane used in many factories, warehouses, material yards, etc. These cranes are electrically operated by a control pendant, remote control, or from an operator cabin attached to the crane.

EOT cranes are commonly used inside factories for a wide range of lifting goods. These have parallel runways, where the gaps are spanned by travelling bridge on which the hoist is mounted. EOT cranes are equipped with the capacity from 2 Ton to 450T on or above, heavy loads in addition to travelling in both directions. (Horizontal or vertical)

EOT cranes are useful in lifting and handling heavy materials from one place to another.

The client’s requirement is to develop a virtual reality based EOT crane simulator that can be used for providing training to the operators using a remote control.

The client is in need of touch and feels set up for EOT crane training as per the requirements

Kitious has introduced the dummy remote and provided functionality with all the remote buttons and integrated with the virtual training.

Remote was attached with the tracker to provide synchronization with the virtual and physical environment.

HTC VIVE trackers were attached with user hand to track actual hand inside the VR environment. That provides a sync between the actual and the VR environment.

When the user lifts the hand in the actual environment the avatar inside the VR environment hand will also be lifted.

Help beginners to understand the sequence of operations as well as to manage the potential hazards while working.

Periodic inspection and maintenance of crane SWL and crane number check to be performed.

PPEs (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT) (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT) should be worn by operators by proper communication.

Preventive maintenance of wire rope, hook, and web-sling condition should be periodically inspected.

Interactive Training and Learning Virtual Reality App Development

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Approach and solutions:

This application was also quite a challenge for our team, as they needed to replace the conventional VR controllers with the actual EOT crane remote control.

We have designed and developed a variety of training scenarios to educate and to operate the crane as natural as possible

In the proposed approach, EOT crane is considered as 3-degree-of-freedom system, and all the components related to the EOT crane operational environment have been modelled using 3D modelling software. All the models are then integrated in a single layout with the reference of original client images, and the virtual environment of the EOT crane has been made using unity software.

We have assessed the efficiency and effectiveness of a developed immersive VR-based safety training simulator that allowed procedural training to Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (EOT) operators.

As a result, we created a detailed specification, and our team developed a fully featured Crane Simulator with the following features:

1.User operation of remote control for direction training with audio instructions for guidance

2.Possibility to move steel tubes from one place to another with animation actions and visual cues.

3.Two types of assessments are carried out: simulator effectiveness and safety training effectiveness.

4.Ability to develop four modes of training, namely teaching mode, instruction mode, assessment mode and practice mode, for improving acquaintance, learning of navigation and control, and operational and safety training, respectively

Value Delivered

As a result, our team managed to deliver a fully customizable interactive solution that eventually reduced the training time and cost for a new employee

Focus on the clients who will use the VR solution and determine exactly what they want it to deliver

Our team helps the user from the dangerous and hazardous situations without any risk because of VR

VR training is much useful in getting trained in complex procedures

Trainee can get their hands on the same module many times as they wish.

When designing a solution, it is more important to foresee about how you might adopt VR more broadly for the future solutions in the organizations

4.Ability to develop four modes of training, namely teaching mode, instruction mode, assessment mode and practice mode, for improving acquaintance, learning of navigation and control, and operational and safety training, respectively