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Process / Operations Training

Process / Operations Training


I have experienced VR games and immersive videos along with my colleagues. Multi player games in the immersive world is my favorite. It takes us to whole different world. After this experience, my colleagues and myself can’t wait to buy the VR headset for ourselves to beat the stress at work and have some fun time


Aviation professional, Airports Authority of India

I have booked Mesmerizy Virtual Reality Experience at my home for myself and my family. The staff is on time and are very professional. They take care of hygine and sanitizes the equipment after every use. Since, our family is experiencing virtual reality for the first time, they have guided us very well how to use the equipment, play games and we had one of the best fun ever in our life.


Home maker

I can’t put up in words the fantastic feeling we get from experiencing the Virtual reality. Mesmerizy brings up the most advanced VR headset to your place and the experience is just awesome. As a student, it gave me an exposure to the future potential of Virtual Reality, Metaverse and Immersive technologies. I have not only enjoyed the experience but also got motivated to learn these technologies and build career on this.


B.Tech Student, JNTU

Mesmerizy virtual reality experience is premium. I have played games, watched immersive videos, recorded myself playing games through mixed reality and also got exposure to work from home through Virtual Reality. This VR headset is standalone, advanced and totally different from other old VR headsets. We don’t have to insert any mobile. This Virtual Reality takes us to different world. Metaverse is real and it is here already through virtual reality.

Mixed reality videos are my favorite. They will record us in Virtual Reality environment and gives us those videos at very affordable price. When I have shown those videos to my friends over social media, everyone is surprised and shocked to see me immersed in such an immersive environments.

Chandan Reddy

Software Engineer, Cognizant Technology Solutions

I own function hall and we have partnered with Mesmerizy to arrange Virtual Reality experience at our events. It became a huge hit as almost every guest in every function is excited to experience it and it has definitely improved positive feedback on our events


Functional hall owner

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